Kathal: Sania Malhotra starrer ‘Kathal’ released in OTT, how is the movie?

Apart from the release of movies on the big screen, OTT is also a booming movie market. If you search for various OTT sites that are popular with the audience, you can find some gems of books. Recently the movie ‘Kathal’ was released on Netflix. Netizens are writing a lot about this on social media. As soon as the trailer of the film was released, it was known that the police would be called to find the stolen jack of the MLA. But behind this quick search, the police started another search. All in all, how is the jackal?

The main character, police officer Mahima Basore (Sania Malhotra) is seen at the beginning of the movie. He is very efficient in his work. After solving one case Mahima takes on the responsibility of another case. Two jackals belonging to the local MLA (Vijay Raj) of ‘Uncle Hong’ species have gone missing overnight. The MLA fired cannons to kill mosquitoes by his own power, called the police to find thuri jackals. Officer Mahima, however, is not too keen on finding jackals. His statement, ‘If you start looking for jackfruit, you have to start looking for pumpkins and gourds.’ But MLA is powerful, so higher officers cannot ignore him. Mahima started looking for the jackal.

The CCTV footage of the MLA’s house was examined. The police spoke to the employees. Doubt is on the gardener of the house. Meanwhile, the housekeeper is missing. Suddenly, one day, the gardener of the MLA’s house came to the police station. He says his daughter is missing. Another story opens from here. Officer Mahima realizes that finding Mali’s missing girl is more important than finding the jackal. With Mahima’s wit, the jackal topic takes a different turn. To know the whole story, you have to watch the movie.

Sania Malhotra is very fluent in the role of Mahima Basore. But much more can be expected from him. Vijay Raj’s performance as MLA is worth watching. As usual, Rajpal Yadav as journalist Anuj Sangvi has done an eye-catching performance. Neha Sharaf and Govind Pandey have left an impression as police constables. Anant Joshi has acted well. Also Vijendra Kala, Raghuveer Yadav acted well. The screenplay of the film seems loose in some cases. But once in all ‘jackal’ is seen.

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