Mimi: Mimi uploaded a picture of the bride, the net world is buzzing about the wedding

Bengali commercial film (Tollywood) actress Mimi Chakraborty (Mimi Chakraborty). Apart from acting, he also entered politics. He is a popular face among the people of West Bengal. Viewers are naturally curious about the personal lives of stars, how did Mimi get off that list! Whatever the actress posts on social media, there is a lot of discussion. However, this time Mimi’s fans are busy talking about her wedding.

Recently, Mimi uploaded a photo of herself as a bride from her Instagram account. Wearing red Benarasi in Atpaure style. She has been caught in the picture as a Bengali bride with a shola crown on her head, a red veil, and full body jewelry. Did not write anything in the caption. From this picture Mimi’s marriage-practice topic got wind. Many netizens have assumed that Mimi has quietly got married. However, it was later revealed that Mimi’s outfit was for an advertisement for a jewelery company.

Once there was a lot of discussion about Mimi’s love with Raj Chakraborty. However, after marrying Raj Subhasree, Mimi became averse to love. There were speculations that the actress was in love with a foreigner. He fell in love with the line producer Milli Gulhan after going to Turkey for the shooting of a movie. However, the news is still in the news.

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