Priyanka: The director wanted to see underwear, then what did Priyanka do?

Bollywood’s ‘Desi Girl’ i.e. Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra) is currently living in Hollywood. The way the actress transitioned from Bollywood to Hollywood, many thought Priyanka’s journey was easy. But recently, Priyanka spoke openly about all the bitterness that has accumulated in the corner of her mind. Earlier, he was explosive with Bollywood. Now he opened his mouth with another bitter experience. What happened to Priyanka?

The incident happened in 2002 or 2003. Priyanka was playing the role of an undercover. The film had a scene of seducing a man. It was said that Priyanka will have to undress in that scene. The actress decided to wear several outfits. However, the director of the movie got stuck. He tells Priyanka to show underwear. Otherwise, the audience will not watch the movie. What did Priyanka do?

Priyanka could not accept the director’s condition that day. He came out after shooting. He didn’t even go to the movie set for two days. Later on father Ashok Chopra’s instructions returned the advance money taken from the director and all the money he had spent on the shooting to the director. That movie was not made by Priyanka.

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