Ronaldo returned to the national team

Cristiano Ronaldo has started to blossom for Saudi Arabian club Al Nasser. Even if he plays for the club, will the thirty-eight-year-old superstar be seen in the national team jersey? This was the question. The answer was met by the new coach of Portugal, Roberto Martinez. Martinez gave good news for Ronaldo. Ronaldo has been called up for the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Age is not a factor, Martinez said. It’s just a number.

Fernando Santos took over as head coach of Portugal after Qatar was eliminated from the World Cup after losing to Morocco. Martinez took the remote control of the team. After becoming a coach, Martinez did not have to sit any big test with Portugal. The big challenge in front of him now is the qualifying round of the Euro Cup.

Although the Portugal team has not been announced for the qualifying match, he has called Ronaldo to the national team. Seeing this step of Martinez, it is understood that he is dreaming of winning Euro 2024 by keeping Ronaldo in the team. It should be noted that on March 24, Lichtenstein will face Portugal in the Euro qualification match. Three days later, Portugal will play Luxembourg.

Calling Ronaldo to the team, Martinez said, ‘Cristiano Ronaldo is responsible for the team. I will use his experience. Ronaldo is a very important member of the team. I don’t care much about age.’

After taking charge of Portugal, Martinez was asked at the press conference, will Ronaldo get a call in his time? In the World Cup, Santos let Ronaldo down in the dugout. The star footballer and the coach had a debate about it. There was a lot of controversy. Martinez, however, made it known on day one that his door is always open for Ronaldo. He will not exclude anyone on the basis of age. This time, Martinez has called Ronaldo to the team for the match of the Euro Cup match, the superstar is an important member of his team. He will not exclude anyone from the team on the basis of age.

That is, Ronaldo will be seen again in the jersey of the national team of Portugal. Needless to say, fans have already started the countdown.
Source: News daily

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