Shama Sikander: Unruly youth does not obey the bar in bikini, Bollywood actress Shama Sikander lit the fire of luxury in the blue water of the sea in Dubai.

Rahul Singh Majumder. Kolkata all day.

‘Sexaholic’ star Shama Sikandar. There is no need to re-introduce him to netizens.

41-year-old Rajasthani girl Lasya burned Instagram in flames.

Bargaining for him. Her followers know what sport Shama can show in physical appeal!

Recently, Shama went to Dubai for a vacation. She posted pictures one after another in a black and orange bikini.

Her toned beach body is like an hourglass. He knows the magic of lighting fire in water! This time, Shama set Dubai on fire with luxury.

Shama is very active on social media.

He posted the video along with the hot and sexy photo.

Shama knows how to talk to bikinis. Not only in western clothes but also in Shamaka sarees, it looks awfully glamorous.

Shama Sikander will soon be seen in Deepak Tijori’s ‘Tipsy’.

This film is supposed to be released this year. However, Shama started doing reality shows and web series one after another.

Worked on the television screen. There are also bold photoshoots. Shama got his own land.

Shama entered Bollywood in 1998 with Fardeen Khan’s film ‘Prem Agan’. After that, he could not leave an impression on Aamir Khan’s ‘Mind’.

Shama Sikander never fails to surprise her millions of fans as well as followers with her sexy, hot, stunning and seductive photos as well as videos that she keeps sharing on her official Instagram account.

Shama Sikander’s drool-worthy pics in sexy curves fade away all mid-week blues.

Shama Sikander shot to fame after starring in the popular show Yeh Meri Life Hai back in 2003 and later featured in television shows such as Man Mein Hai Visshwas, Seven, Baal Veer, among others.

Shama Sikander’s killer look and steamy body are enough to make anyone weak in the knees

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