The win against India is a joy: Coach Chhotan

Clear or senior level based on age. Beyond its boundaries, World Cup qualifiers or other events. Bangladesh always roars like a tiger when it meets India.

On Friday (March 24) Kamalapur Bir Shrestha Shaheed Mustafa Kamal Stadium, it was the roar of the neighboring country. Although the goal came in a suicide goal. Still, the fun of winning against India is different.

After the match, Bangladesh coach Golam Rabbani Choton said, ‘suicide goals are part of the game. We kept them under constant pressure. So it was a suicide goal. And to win against India is definitely a joy.’ The coach added, ‘India and Bangladesh matches are always enjoyable. This match was also very enjoyable. We were in an attacking role from the start.’

Bangladesh coach praises goalkeeper Sangeeta Rani Das. “Sangita has been doing well since the U-15s, she is improving gradually. Made a great save at the last minute.’ Also, the coach is unhappy because the captain Ruma Akhtar made some mistakes. According to Indian coach PV Priya, both the teams played on equal footing. However, because Bangladesh’s attack was good, our defender missed a suicide goal.

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